Represents a "slot" for running a container
Platforms supported:
  • AWS
  • GCP (coming soon)
  • Azure (coming soon)
The default implementation uses ECS Fargate (AWS). It defines:
  • ECS Cluster
  • ECS Service
  • ECS Task
  • CloudWatch log groups and log streams

Configuration defaults

"target": "diggerhq/[email protected]",
"task_memory": 512,
"task_cpu": 256,
"container_port": 8000,
"load_balancer": true,
"internal": false,
"health_check": "/",
"health_check_matcher": "200-499",
"launch_type": "FARGATE",
"monitoring_enabled": false,
"lb_monitoring_enabled": false
TODO: document other aspects of this block, such as logging, monitoring and implicit dependencies at the top block level
TODO: document Datadog integration