The dgctl.json file is a high-level description of your cloud environment. It has 2 main components:
  • List of Blocks​
  • Top-level environment settings
"target": "diggerhq/[email protected]",
"id": "6d3aa570_2efa_4644_bc29_6b07b659321a",
"version": "0.0.4",
"aws_region": "us-west-1",
"blocks": [
"name": "default_network",
"type": "vpc"
"name": "myApp",
"type": "container"

Block definitions

dgctl.json is just an "index" of blocks. The only attributes are name and type
You can configure blocks by editing config.json in the relevant sub-directory
See Blocks for additional details

Top-level environment settings

These are the options outside of the block list that apply to your entire stack
  • target - the "master template". You can point it to your own repo that generates Terraform similarly to the default one provided by Digger
  • aws_region
  • id - unique identifier of the environment